Transforming your Glass Telescopic Door to Wood: The KLEIN Guider Accessory

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Telescopic systems are generally glass. Although the sleek and sharp look of a glass telescopic system will always hold a special place in our hearts, maybe it is a good time to consider wooden telescopic systems for a change. 

We discovered that there weren’t many quality options on the market. And even if you can find an accessory that covers the hardware from glass to wood panels, you are still missing features that really give the system a luxury feel. Luckily, KLEIN just released it’s first accessory that transforms a glass telescopic sliding door system to support wood panels accessory, and it includes luxury features that will leave you feeling like this system was made for wood in the first place. Read on to learn more about Guider.


What is Guider by Klein? (A Telescopic Wooden Door Accessory)

Guider by Klein is an innovative and stylish telescopic door accessory for architects and interior designers. Its adjustable design enables it to be easily installed onto any existing door frame, providing a secure, stable, and contemporary means of adjusting the width between doors.

Here are the specs for Guider: 


Why Is Guider the Best Option on the Market?

Guider is the ultimate choice for architects and interior designers; offering groundbreaking features that put it at the forefront of design technology. This cost-effective product has been designed to meet today’s modern demands, delivering a quality glide and soft close without abrupt slamming when opening and closing.

Not only that, but all of our products stand behind a 5-year quality guarantee. Since sustainability is one of our top priorities as a company, we test all of our products 100,000 times before you ever get your hands on them. This ensures our systems are built to last and reduces the overall carbon footprint of our products.


KLEIN Braking System (KBS) Upgrade Compatible

Architects and interior designers are always looking for new ways to create aesthetically pleasing designs and provide their clients with a comfortable, sophisticated experience. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that soft closing mechanisms have become incredibly popular in recent years, as sliding door systems are simply more than pleasing to the eyes. These systems are softer on the ears and to the touch.

The braking system upgrade is a smart customization to consider with Guider, ensuring no harsh slamming occurs when doors are in operation, reducing the risks of distraction and damage to the walls/door frames. 


Add a Touch of Nature into your Space

Guider by KLEIN is another creative way for architects and interior designers to add an element of nature into a space. 

In fact, utilizing wood is great for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The natural grain and color of the wood can be used to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look that can be tailored to any design style. Wooden doors can also be used to provide a rustic, earthy feel to a room, or to provide a contrast to more modern elements in a space. They can also be used to add texture and interest to a space.


Final Conclusion

Guider by KLEIN is the best telescopic wooden door accessory to transform a boring glass system into an upgraded wood panel system free from floor tracks. With such impressive features, Guider is sure to make a statement in any room it’s used in. 

If you’re an architect or designer looking for high-quality hardware solutions with guaranteed quality assurance, then contact a KLEIN rep in your area today!


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