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sliding door systems

Klein: Artisan Meets Expert in Sliding Door Systems

While we are known for our expertise in designing hi-tech, architectural interior systems, our history as artisans is less known. The dedication to the art of our profession goes back to 1931 when our family business began. We started our journey towards professional excellence in Barcelona, Spain. Our family of…

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Luxury Hospitality Design with Frameless Glass Walls

How do you make a modern hotel sleek yet functional? What if you need to maximize an abundance of natural light to make guest rooms appear spacious and open? When designing a space that requires luxury, elegance and optimal functionality, the materials must be as exceptional as the design. For…

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Glass partition walls

Glass Partition Walls Create a Dynamic Design for Your Office

Are you looking for a way to create privacy in your home or office, while maintaining an open floor plan at the same time? Glass partition walls allow you to do just that, and these walls can be customized according to your preferences. Modern and Stylish Glass partition walls are…

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Frameless Glass Ddoors

Increase Productivity and Communication with Frameless Glass Doors

Are you looking for a way to create a sleek, modern look within your office? Designers and architects are turning to frameless glass doors as a way to update old office space, and glass has become an integral part of the modern design style. Interior glass walls and doors are…

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Frameless Glass Interior Walls

5 Benefits to Frameless Glass Interior Walls

Frameless glass interior walls provide a bold and unique design element for your office space, and it can be a refreshing way to change the drab design style of traditional walls and barriers within the office. Glass design elements are becoming more popular among architects and interior designers, because they…

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