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interior glass walls

Architectural Glass Walls Unikglass+ 150 for Kitchen

Architectural Glass Walls That Do the Heavy Lifting

How do we handle heavier architectural glass walls? With KLEIN® Rollglass+ 150 and Unikglass+ 150. These two interior wall systems can now accommodate doors weighing up to 330 pounds. Our brand saw the need and put our experts to work in designing an even larger clamp — able to fasten onto…

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How to Make Important Strides Toward LEED Certification

Are you working on a building project that’s aiming for LEED certification, including the new LEED v4 benchmark? Good news! Our interior sliding glass doors and walls can help you earn up to nine credits toward your goal rating. Today, when you design, you begin with sustainability in mind. You…

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Heart of Office Design Trends is Panoramic

Office design trends are always changing, but some things stay the same: a demand for functionality, flexibility and beauty. Our new Panoramic System of sliding glass doors makes life a little easier, with an interchangeable track system, better-designed doors and the ability to change space configurations quickly and easily. As more…

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Interior glass office walls

Revitalize Your Workplace with Glass Office Walls

Older office buildings often contain older design styles: small offices with walls, doors, and partitions that separate the employees. Modern designers now understands the benefits of using glass office walls to open up the space, and companies are finding that employees have increased productivity and happiness levels with these types…

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