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Klein’s New Sliding Systems Tool Makes Getting Detailed Specs a Breeze

We are constantly looking for ways to make life easier for architects, installers and designers. Our new sliding systems specs tool can help you save money and time while delivering a superior product to your clients. Creating, adapting and downloading your 100% customized specs for your sliding door systems projects…

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Image of Unikglass+ Air Black Glass Partitions

Strategic Ways Glass Partitions Boost Natural Light in Interior Spaces

The strategic use of transparent glass as a spatial partition has become synonymous with modernity. The use of glass partitions permits architects to truly maximize the splendor of natural light. They now have the ability to incorporate it as another design element in their projects. There is No Replacement for…

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7 Proven Ways That Glass Office Fronts Make Clients Happy

As a designer or architect, there are a multitude of issues to consider when creating an office environment. While it’s popular now to use glass office fronts, this is definitely a case where form follows function. In our work with design firms around the world, we’ve found several advantages to…

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How to Make Important Strides Toward LEED Certification

Are you working on a building project that’s aiming for LEED certification, including the new LEED v4 benchmark? Good news! Our interior sliding glass doors and walls can help you earn up to nine credits toward your goal rating. Today, when you design, you begin with sustainability in mind. You…

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Frameless Glass Ddoors

Increase Productivity and Communication with Frameless Glass Doors

Are you looking for a way to create a sleek, modern look within your office? Designers and architects are turning to frameless glass doors as a way to update old office space, and glass has become an integral part of the modern design style. Interior glass walls and doors are…

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