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glass walls

Klein’s Interior Sliding Door Blocks for Revit Now Available

Building information modeling (or BIM) is an increasingly used platform for taking the guesswork out of design. It is growing rapidly in many market segments, such as commercial, residential, health care and industrial. This powerful tool allows architects, engineers and builders to design structures by modifying digital designs. With this…

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Commercial Glass Office Dividers

Why Commercial Glass Office Dividers are Better Than Cubicles

The stereotypical office design often consists of an open office area with rows of desks and cubicles, with employees lined up in their small area where they work each day. Often, the cubicle walls and partitions are a drab color, such as grey that blends in with the other monotone…

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Frameless Glass Interior Walls

5 Benefits to Frameless Glass Interior Walls

Frameless glass interior walls provide a bold and unique design element for your office space, and it can be a refreshing way to change the drab design style of traditional walls and barriers within the office. Glass design elements are becoming more popular among architects and interior designers, because they…

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