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glass partitions

Sliding Glass Wall Partitions Privacy With Panelite

Sliding glass wall partitions deliver benefits and privacy

Designing with glass has so many benefits – including letting light into a space, which improves workplace productivity, happiness and reduces stress. Interior glass is more durable and requires less maintenance than drywall….and of course, can be more easily moved. But what about privacy? Surprisingly, sliding glass wall partitions can…

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Image of Unikglass+ Air Black Glass Partitions

Strategic Ways Glass Partitions Boost Natural Light in Interior Spaces

The strategic use of transparent glass as a spatial partition has become synonymous with modernity. The use of glass partitions permits architects to truly maximize the splendor of natural light. They now have the ability to incorporate it as another design element in their projects. There is No Replacement for…

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Architectural Sliding Glass Doors Versus Swing Doors

When building or renovating residential space, many designers now choose architectural sliding glass doors over traditional swing doors. Sliding glass door systems are the ideal solution to create additional space, reorganize existing space, improve accessibility to rooms, and to bring more natural light into a residence. Interior sliding doors and…

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Think Glass Corner Doors for Imaginative Design

Klein’s easy-mounting frameless sliding glass corner doors are perfect, if your high-end commercial, or residential, design calls for an elevated level of connectivity, equal ease of access, and an imaginative use of space. Swinging interior doors require extra space to accommodate their function. Even traditional sliding doors can’t be placed…

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Luxury Hospitality Design with Frameless Glass Walls

How do you make a modern hotel sleek yet functional? What if you need to maximize an abundance of natural light to make guest rooms appear spacious and open? When designing a space that requires luxury, elegance and optimal functionality, the materials must be as exceptional as the design. For…

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Commercial Glass Office Dividers

Why Commercial Glass Office Dividers are Better Than Cubicles

The stereotypical office design often consists of an open office area with rows of desks and cubicles, with employees lined up in their small area where they work each day. Often, the cubicle walls and partitions are a drab color, such as grey that blends in with the other monotone…

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