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glass partition walls

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Klein’s New Sliding Systems Tool Makes Getting Detailed Specs a Breeze

We are constantly looking for ways to make life easier for architects, installers and designers. Our new sliding systems specs tool can help you save money and time while delivering a superior product to your clients. Creating, adapting and downloading your 100% customized specs for your sliding door systems projects…

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7 Proven Ways That Glass Office Fronts Make Clients Happy

As a designer or architect, there are a multitude of issues to consider when creating an office environment. While it’s popular now to use glass office fronts, this is definitely a case where form follows function. In our work with design firms around the world, we’ve found several advantages to…

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How to Make Your Space ADA Accessible, Beautifully

A favorite of architects, designers and contractors, our glass sliding doors meet or exceed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards without sacrificing design aesthetics. These interior sliding doors solve for everything, from a clear path of travel to accessible operating hardware, while also eliminating the need for a swinging door…

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Extendo Telescopic Glass Door System Delivers Results

Gensler Newport Beach, a branch of the award-winning San Francisco design firm, chose Klein USA’s Extendo telescopic glass door system when designing a new 23,000 square foot workspace, built on its own unique blend of workplace analysis and residential design. In this workplace of the future, Gensler embraced its Newport Beach location,…

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San Diego Wildlife Refuge Conference Room

How Glass Office Partitions Brought the Landscape Into the Office

In commercial construction, architects always take into consideration the views from within the office building being designed.  But the importance of seeing the “landscape” – and being able to connect with it – is even greater if the primary work of the building’s occupants involves the landscape itself.  This was…

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Glass partition walls

Glass Partition Walls Create a Dynamic Design for Your Office

Are you looking for a way to create privacy in your home or office, while maintaining an open floor plan at the same time? Glass partition walls allow you to do just that, and these walls can be customized according to your preferences. Modern and Stylish Glass partition walls are…

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