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Klein’s New Sliding Systems Tool Makes Getting Detailed Specs a Breeze

We are constantly looking for ways to make life easier for architects, installers and designers. Our new sliding systems specs tool can help you save money and time while delivering a superior product to your clients. Creating, adapting and downloading your 100% customized specs for your sliding door systems projects…

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Image of Unikglass+ Air Black Glass Partitions

Strategic Ways Glass Partitions Boost Natural Light in Interior Spaces

The strategic use of transparent glass as a spatial partition has become synonymous with modernity. The use of glass partitions permits architects to truly maximize the splendor of natural light. They now have the ability to incorporate it as another design element in their projects. There is No Replacement for…

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Architectural Sliding Glass Doors Versus Swing Doors

When building or renovating residential space, many designers now choose architectural sliding glass doors over traditional swing doors. Sliding glass door systems are the ideal solution to create additional space, reorganize existing space, improve accessibility to rooms, and to bring more natural light into a residence. Interior sliding doors and…

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How to Make Your Space ADA Accessible, Beautifully

A favorite of architects, designers and contractors, our glass sliding doors meet or exceed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards without sacrificing design aesthetics. These interior sliding doors solve for everything, from a clear path of travel to accessible operating hardware, while also eliminating the need for a swinging door…

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Frameless glass sliding doors

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors for a Modern and Vibrant Feel

Offices with older, outdated designs can create an oppressive environment for the company, because employees feel shut out and boxed in while they are working. The restrictive spaces suppress creative thinking, and the walls and doors block the natural light from flowing into the room. This type of environment causes…

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