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frameless glass sliding doors

Klein’s Interior Sliding Door Blocks for Revit Now Available

Building information modeling (or BIM) is an increasingly used platform for taking the guesswork out of design. It is growing rapidly in many market segments, such as commercial, residential, health care and industrial. This powerful tool allows architects, engineers and builders to design structures by modifying digital designs. With this…

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Heart of Office Design Trends is Panoramic

Office design trends are always changing, but some things stay the same: a demand for functionality, flexibility and beauty. Our new Panoramic System of sliding glass doors makes life a little easier, with an interchangeable track system, better-designed doors and the ability to change space configurations quickly and easily. As more…

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Frameless glass sliding doors

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors for a Modern and Vibrant Feel

Offices with older, outdated designs can create an oppressive environment for the company, because employees feel shut out and boxed in while they are working. The restrictive spaces suppress creative thinking, and the walls and doors block the natural light from flowing into the room. This type of environment causes…

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