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commerical glass office dividers

Architectural Glass Walls Unikglass+ 150 for Kitchen

Architectural Glass Walls That Do the Heavy Lifting

How do we handle heavier architectural glass walls? With KLEIN® Rollglass+ 150 and Unikglass+ 150. These two interior wall systems can now accommodate doors weighing up to 330 pounds. Our brand saw the need and put our experts to work in designing an even larger clamp — able to fasten onto…

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Heart of Office Design Trends is Panoramic

Office design trends are always changing, but some things stay the same: a demand for functionality, flexibility and beauty. Our new Panoramic System of sliding glass doors makes life a little easier, with an interchangeable track system, better-designed doors and the ability to change space configurations quickly and easily. As more…

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San Diego Wildlife Refuge Conference Room

How Glass Office Partitions Brought the Landscape Into the Office

In commercial construction, architects always take into consideration the views from within the office building being designed.  But the importance of seeing the “landscape” – and being able to connect with it – is even greater if the primary work of the building’s occupants involves the landscape itself.  This was…

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Commercial Glass Office Dividers

Why Commercial Glass Office Dividers are Better Than Cubicles

The stereotypical office design often consists of an open office area with rows of desks and cubicles, with employees lined up in their small area where they work each day. Often, the cubicle walls and partitions are a drab color, such as grey that blends in with the other monotone…

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