Opening Up: Using Corner Sliding Doors to Save Space and Build Connection

Great workplaces foster collaboration and connection. Opening up office layouts and commercial buildings alike, corner sliding doors create a new aesthetic and help save space. Breaking away from traditional partitions and dividers, these striking doors remove visual barriers while providing additional room in the floor plan.

Whether redesigning an existing commercial infill or building a new office space, selecting the right door can address future workforce growth and provide visual interest throughout an interior design approach. 

Taking a deeper dive into sliding doors, there are many reasons to specify corner sliding door systems for different project types. Explore these benefits when designing a workspace and to envision new layouts for teamwork and collaboration.


1. Require Less Space

Space is at a premium in any workplace environment. With growth comes the need for more offices, workspaces, desks, and so on. Matching a company’s scalable business model, corner sliding doors address continued growth throughout the years.

Over time, hallways and walkways can get tighter as companies fill out existing floor plans. To save room, integrate a corner sliding door system into offices, conference and meeting areas and wherever floor space is at a premium. This is an easy and incredibly beneficial move towards saving the office area.

For example, you could integrate a ROLMATIC bi-parting glass door on a corner to gain access to a set of doors that slide outward. By using glass doors, you’ll be able to keep your office’s layout as open as possible. It will also make the room feel larger.


2. Improved Aesthetic

Workplaces have begun to dramatically change over the last few decades, and office aesthetics have become a way to attract talent and boost employee well-being. Whether updating outdated layouts or creating a striking statement for clients, corner sliding doors rethink the classic sliding door style.

Not only can you improve the aesthetic through the physical door itself, but a sliding corner door also naturally draws the sightlines of clients and visitors as the centerpiece of a workspace or meeting room. It’s also a positive representation of your brand. Since corner sliding doors aren’t common in corporate architecture, it becomes a way for customers and business partners to recall the company.

Creating visual impact, these sleek corner sliding doors bring added value to companies looking to improve their aesthetic and be remembered by their clients. Corner glass doors can improve almost any aesthetic, from schools, study halls, and corporate office designs to dual-family housing and so much more. No matter where they are used, they create an open and visually-pleasing connection that people will admire.


3. Open Up the Floor Plan

There are many amazing advantages to maintaining an open floor concept for a company’s offices. Not only can it boost the chemistry of a team, but it also costs less to construct while embracing natural sunlight.

Even when there’s a need to separate certain areas of a layout (such as for executive offices or conference rooms), it’s important that these spaces don’t feel like they’re disconnected.

Corner sliding doors allow open-concept workplaces to function seamlessly while balancing the need for more private and separate areas. More natural lighting can also boost staff productivity and well-being, with managers maintaining visual connections to teams as they look for resources or project guidance. At the same time, teams will feel less cramped inside a room when seamless, clear door openings. Whether it’s in a hospital or office, natural light pours into glass doors with no additional space required for the door to open or close.


 4. Fewer Barriers

No matter where a door is being installed, whether in a hospital or for commercial purposes, it can cause a dramatic separation. That’s not always a good thing.

For example, installing a door to an exterior deck of an office, the door should not take away from amazing scenery or views of the outdoors.

Installing a corner door helps two spaces remain connected. Even when inside, exterior spaces never feel too far away when looking to a back porch or lounge area. The same thing goes for office spaces. Even when sitting at a desk in an office, teams and staff won’t feel detached from the larger office.

Having a corner sliding door made of glass is more inviting to clients, employees, and business partners. They’ll be able to see who is working and interact with them to catch up or collaborate together.


5. Building a Unique Identity

Often, doors look the same. While they may come in different colors and sizes, they are largely overlooked, whether in hospitals or commercial properties.

However, when the architecture and door hardware are different, people begin to take notice. This is the case with a corner sliding door, one of the most unique door systems on the market.

Whether installing corner sliding doors to a confined space or making an office’s aesthetic appear more modern and open, people understand the innovation that went behind it. The sliding door selection can make an office feel less like a corporate space and more like a place to connect with people. It can make the hospital rooms feel less like a confined area and give it the appearance of being connected with the outdoors.


Find the Best Corner Sliding Door for Your Project

Now that you’ve seen an in-depth guide highlighting some of the biggest reasons that you should consider a corner sliding door, you can use it to your advantage. Be sure to read this article for more information on the amazing benefits of sliding glass walls for hotels and other business industries.

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