Open Workspaces that Meet the Needs of All Employees

Open office layouts follow the idea that removing walls between coworkers increases their satisfaction, creativity, and team-building efforts. These plans are designed to optimize workplace performance and create an inspiring environment in which employees can interact. Open office layouts are often chosen based on a company’s communication and privacy needs. In this guide, we’ll discuss open office plans and their suitability for various workspaces.

What Are Open Office Plans?

An open office layout eliminates physical barriers to promote productivity and collaboration. In contrast to traditional cubicle designs, open offices allow for greater visibility, increasing the likelihood of spontaneous idea-sharing. 

In most cases, office equipment is centrally located and accessible to all team members. As there are no obstacles, workers enjoy greater freedom of movement and the ability to change the layout to suit their needs.

Open Office Plan Types

Open office layouts vary depending on the requirements of a company and its employees. Some of the most common plans are listed below.

Now that we’ve explained the differences between open office types, let’s discuss the advantages of open office plans.

Reasons to Consider an Open Office

An open office layout can bring positive change to companies, including benefits such as:

With glass walls, doors, and corner partitions from Klein, it’s easy to create an open office with these benefits and many more.

Overcoming the Challenges of an Open Office

Though open office layouts have their benefits, they aren’t without their challenges. Here, we’ll present a few tips to make things flow more smoothly in open spaces. 


When they’re planned properly, open offices can increase creativity, improve collaboration, and allow for the free flow of new ideas. With the tips and tricks in this guide, companies of all sizes can implement open office concepts into their daily operations.

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