Introducing Rollglass+ 250 KSC:

Glass partitions for large-scale panels weighing up to 550 pounds with the brake included.



KLEIN is demonstrating their technical mastery once again: Rollglass+ 250 KSC offers features that are unique to the market, in both technical and aesthetic terms.

Pure elegance continues to characterize this new version of our star system, which highlights the beauty and transparency of large-scale glass like never before.

A single, compact, pure aluminum profile, which can even be made invisible when installed as a recessed drop ceiling application, puts the spotlight on the projected space. 

Hidden fittings and the absence of any floor tracks enhance the elegance of the application, as does the minimal separation between the fixed glass and sliding panel 9/16″

Optimal user experience:



User comfort is always at the core of KLEIN®’s developments, but even more so in this case to ensure a perfect experience despite the heavyweight to be moved. That’s why we’ve integrated a series of new features into the Rollglass+ 250 KSC system, all aimed at ensuring safe, easy, and effortless sliding of the large-sized mobile panel:

Intuitive installation:



As with all KLEIN products, installation continues to be easy and intuitive, even with XXL glass applications. Our extensive knowledge of professionals’ needs incorporates this aspect into all of our developments:

“We aim for our sliding and folding systems to connect and create comfortable, enjoyable spaces that are always personal. Rollglass+ 250 KSC responds to a need which, up until now, was unmet in the market: fixed glass architectural walls with a large-scale sliding panel. A perfect type of application for commercial and office sectors, but also as a transparent mobile partition for residential spaces,” explains KLEIN CEO Marc Tárrega.

With this new launch, we are sharing with you our knowledge and eagerness to divide spaces without separating them, and to connect rooms and people.

We hope that Rollglass+ 250 KSC meets your project’s needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to share your opinion or ask for support on a project: Contact us today to help you determine the best sliding systems for your business.

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