NATURE by KLEIN: Organic Materials with Simple Installation

NATURE-Wooden Frame System

One of the beautiful things about using a KLEIN sliding door system in your design is the ease of installation. Find out more about NATURE by Klein!

With NATURE, bolstering all-oak wooden profiles, and pre-fabricated to fit seamlessly with our sliding door systems. An installer, millworker or otherwise, can simply follow the steps to mount and align the tracks within the profiles. 

Glass doors are attached by clamps, eliminating the need to use complex mechanisms or possibility of damaging glass panels during installation. Installations are available in both frame and frameless options and a variety of configurations. 

This intuitive assembly is the result of decades of experience producing high quality sliding door systems, and innovative engineering to create a product line that is both easy to install and good for the environment. The ease of assembly and disassembly has been built into the NATURE product line, as a way to consider it’s entire lifecycle- from manufacturing, to installation, to disassembly. 

At KLEIN, we are passionate to continue innovating products that align with our core values of sustainability, and allow designers to introduce natural, organic materials into their designs, for the wellbeing of people and their planet.

Find out more about our newest product line, NATURE!

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