KLEIN+ Wood Glass Sliding Systems

KLEIN+ is an ambitious project to profoundly overhaul our classics.

It marks the beginning of a chapter characterized by new challenges and new solutions, reaffirming our commitment to professionals in the architecture, decoration and construction industries.

KLEIN+ is defined by four pillars:

Truly invisible applications

Beauty is found on the outside, with a pure, discrete image. But beauty is also found on the inside, invisible! Details that aren’t noticeable, but are important… like the hidden flaps on our new applications made especially for drop ceilings. Elegant, understated applications, fused into the interior architecture to leave the projected space in the spotlight.

Intuitive installations

When designing our systems, we keep their future installation in mind. And in order to do that, we put ourselves in the shoes of the installer… To adapt our products to their needs and make their job easier.

A two-part assembly, more intuitive than ever, to reduce implementation times for projects requiring recessed profiles in drop ceilings. These special profiles prevent breakage and guarantee a clean installation:

  • The drop ceiling profile is situated during the first phase of the project.
  • The profile, clamps and glass panes are assembled in later phases.

New braking mechanism

The user’s comfort continues to be the most important factor for our brand.

Klein Soft Closing (KSC) is our new smooth, controlled stopping device. It provides six centimeters of extremely smooth braking, accompanying both wooden and glass doors through their entire movement, whether they are being opened or closed.

This compact and aesthetically pleasing device can be also applied to narrow panes. It is compatible with all KLEIN+ systems:

KSC ensures a silent, dampened closing, as well as the absence of any bounceback.

It is placed at the end of the assembled product, making it very easy to install. This optional feature is exclusively available for the KLEIN+ line. It is an alternative to the standard stop system already included in all KLEIN systems. Through cutting-edge hydraulic dampers with multiple springs, we ensure excellent performance in the most demanding conditions, as well as greater durability.

“KSC, Klein Soft Closing, is our new smooth, controlled stopping device.”

NOEL ALMAGRO, Product Manager – Rafael Espaillat

The new KLEIN® clamp

Passion red in color, this device sums up our experience and knowledge. A high-tech piece, hidden, but also easily accessible. The heart of our systems, this component centralizes their various features and makes it easy to access adjustment and regulation systems, thus optimizing the processes of installation and maintenance.

  • Makes it possible to manipulate adjustments once the system has been assembled.
  • Integrates vertical regulation.
  • Allows for the activation of our new braking systems, KSC and KBS+.

“Passion red in color, this device sums up our experience and knowledge.”

CAROLINE MARTINEZ, Marketing Manager
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