Introducing NATURE: A Sustainable New Sliding Door System Made From Oak Wood


Organic, elegant, and warm- our newest product line, NATURE, puts sustainability at the forefront of design by marrying cutting-edge manufacturing processes with natural materials. NATURE is a groundbreaking new sliding door system made entirely out of oak wood that allows architects to introduce organic elements into their designs. The result is warmer, more nature-centric spaces that strengthen the bond between humans and their environment.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of KLEIN’s mission, and with this product line, we are proud to use our industry expertise to create a unique and innovative system that aligns with one of our core values. Building on a legacy of ideas that spans back to our humble beginnings in 1931, we have always strived to lead innovation in manufacturing in order to create the most reliable and durable products. We pride ourselves in building products that last, and with NATURE we are proud to expand into an exciting new area that incorporates sustainability into every aspect of our business. 


A Thoughtfully Engineered Sliding Door System

Unlike traditional aluminum sliding door systems, the NATURE product line is made with renewably sourced oak wood as an all-wood profile. This system is designed to provide a modern and elegant solution for architects and designers who want to introduce warmth and natural elements into their spaces without compromising function. Numerous studies have indicated that the presence of wood indoors results in less stress and better health for occupants, and it strengthens the connection between humans and their environment. The NATURE system allows seamless integration of sliding door systems into spaces while allowing them to remain open, light, and relaxing. 

As evidenced by NATURE’s high EPD ratings, a leading international certification entailing a thorough life cycle analysis, this line has incorporated sustainable considerations into every aspect, from its materials to its manufacturing processes, to its end-use scenario.

The oak wood used in NATURE is sourced exclusively from PEFC-certified controlled logging forests to guarantee its traceability and is processed using environmentally-friendly laminating techniques that make the most of the trunk cuttings, the structural qualities of the wood, and the stability of its shapes. This allows the product to remain lightweight without losing its natural grain and texture, characteristics that make it an attractive material.


Technical Details of NATURE

The NATURE line of products offers different installation options measuring up to 13 feet and for 1/2” thick glass and incorporates the KSC (KLEIN Soft Closing) system for doors weighing up to 220lbs. The glass door is anchored with clamps to prevent the need for any drilling and is compatible with several different framed and frameless installation configurations. NATURE is designed so that it can be handled and installed by any professional who works with this type of product, whether they specialize in wood, metal, or glass.


Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At KLEIN, we continue to build on our commitment to carbon footprint reduction, construction, and sustainability by considering the circular economy in all of our product development efforts. Our work helps architects and designers succeed in their own sustainability initiatives by providing credits towards leading international Green Building accreditation such as LEED, GREENSTAR, and DGNB. Beyond NATURE, we proudly subscribe to using chemical-free materials and metals that can be easily separated and recycled in our product lines. 

This commitment to sustainability is what led NATURE to win the 2021 Red Dot Award for Best Product Design. The Red Dot Award is an international competition recognizing exceptional design and celebrates work from all over the world through products manufactured using an industrial production process.

If you are interested in integrating NATURE into your next commercial, residential, or hospitality project, you can rely on KLEIN’s sliding door systems to bring a seamless, distinctly modern aesthetic to your design. Contact us today to speak to one of our qualified sales professionals and bring more NATURE into your space. 

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