How to Create A KLEIN Aesthetic with Sliding Door Systems

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Have you ever wondered how modern designers and architects create such seamless, open environments? The benefits of walking into such a space can be felt almost immediately: bright unfiltered light, smooth continuous surfaces, and visual access to the space create a feeling of expansiveness while making one feel more connected to the exterior environment and nature. Creating an environment like this doesn’t have to be elusive, it simply begins with selecting the right products. As a leading industry innovator of sliding door systems, KLEIN has made it our business to build thoughtfully engineered and sustainably manufactured products for contemporary applications. If you are aiming to create an elegant, streamlined space, read on to discover how KLEIN’s seamless sliding door systems will help you achieve that aesthetic.


Understand & Accentuate Your Space

Whether you are designing an office, private interior, or commercial space, the first step to achieving a KLEIN-like interior aesthetic is to understand the space you are working in. Limitations of the space, such as darker areas, will inform your design and help you discover opportunities to accentuate and complement it. Can the space be made to feel larger with a glass wall? Is there a lovely view of the exterior that you can make visible from the inside? Could a section of the space do with more natural light? Modular glass dividing walls and sliding glass doors with minimal framing can bring these complementary elements into your interior to make a space feel brighter and more open. Exploring KLEIN’s vast selection of products will help you find potential solutions to these important questions and figure out how attachment, layout, and installation will work to create a bright, open interior that fits within the space.


Make Your Renovations Non-invasive

Nobody wants to deal with long, drawn-out renovations- especially in a space that’s still being used or occupied. Modular partitions and doors with minimal framing can be easily added without disrupting business operations, making them less intrusive and more economical than a typical renovation project. A huge advantage to using KLEIN’s sliding door systems is that installation is simple and straightforward, without the necessity to cut or paint materials on site. This eliminates delays, inconvenience, and hazards during construction while circumventing the need to create new constructions or hire specialists to bring a frameless interior look to life.


Keep Environment at the Forefront

When you are designing a frameless interior space you are creating an environment with the goal of making people feel more comfortable and connected- whether it’s through open spaces, bright light, or views of land and waterscapes. To achieve the highest levels of success in this endeavor, it only makes sense to carry that awareness of the environment throughout the whole project. KLEIN’s sliding door system can help you achieve this in several ways. First, KLEIN’s commitment to sustainability has led us to develop products that utilize eco-friendly materials and processes, including our newest all-wood system NATURE. This reduces the carbon footprint of designing and building spaces, as well as offering the space’s occupants an opportunity to feel closer to nature.

Secondly, our products can help your project earn LEED points and other systems of accreditation that achieve the highest levels of green building certifications. So not only are you creating an environment beneficial to the space’s occupants, but you’re also contributing to overall environmental and sustainability efforts.


Utilize Mullions to Elevate your Design

Another way to achieve a contemporary KLEIN look is to integrate mullion systems into your design. Mullions are used as vertical or horizontal divider systems. This works to break up the line of sight between glass panels and adds visual and architectural interest to a space. To put it in simple terms- the glass panels don’t just look like they are floating in space.

The choice of metal or wooden materials in the application of the mullions will work to impart a specific character to the space. For example- the application of black metal frame mullions built into a white room with a system like LITE + will create a high contrast, luxury feels to the space.

The use of a system built with wood, such as the NATURE line, will contribute to a more warm, cozy, and natural aesthetic. By skillfully utilizing these elements, designers are able to achieve a KLEIN aesthetic without compromising light or spatial considerations.

Making It Happen

If you need additional support in figuring out which products or systems to use to create a seamless, elegant interior, our teams are ready and able to help your project succeed. With decades of experience in manufacturing and installing sliding door systems, we have seen our high-quality glass door systems and glass doors utilized in countless commercial applications and builds to achieve a clean, modern look. To place an order, reach out to us via phone or email as found on our contact page.

Check out for more info on why you can be confident in working with KLEIN as your partner in your next design project. Contact us today to let us help you specify the right product and frameless door for your next design project.

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