Frameless Glass Sliding Doors for a Modern and Vibrant Feel

Frameless glass sliding doors

Offices with older, outdated designs can create an oppressive environment for the company, because employees feel shut out and boxed in while they are working. The restrictive spaces suppress creative thinking, and the walls and doors block the natural light from flowing into the room. This type of environment causes people to wish for a different job, and it can have a negative impact on their performance. But, with a few changes, such as installing sliding glass door systems, you can transform your company environment which can have a positive impact on everyone in the office.

If your company workspace is out of date and dreary, then there are a few design changes that can be made to create a modern and inviting space instead. Tearing down the barrier walls and replacing them with glass doors or walls is a great way to open up the space. It also creates an appealing work environment.


A Modern Office Gains the Edge Over Competitors

Modern offices facilitate better communication and create organic development within the company. Competition is strong in many industries. To this end, you need to make sure that you are building the right brand for your company. In doing so, you can stand out from the rest. An old fashioned office will give people the wrong opinion about your company. Conversely, a modern design with sliding doors will show your clients and employees that your company is looking toward the future.

Business owners are surprised to hear that frameless glass sliding doors systems, such as Klein’s Rollglass Single Slider with Fixed Glass, can have an impact on their bottom line, but industrial psychologists have found that the added light and open space can have a direct impact on employee attitude and morale. If you want productive, happy employees, then you need to provide them a supportive environment to work in.


Why are Sliding Glass Door Systems so Effective?

When you have sliding doors and walls installed in your office, it replaces the old-fashioned design with a modern look. These glass walls are simple to install. They are also very durable and create a timeless office space that will look good for many years.

Glass gives the perception of breaking down barriers between employees. As a result, your team will be more effective with their communication. Each office can still maintain some privacy because of the glass walls and door. Yet, at the same time, the office will retain an open feel.

Many businesses love the idea of sliding glass walls and partitions. Because, the materials are a cheap way to add versatility to the area. Even more, the space can be used in many ways. To illustrate, smaller offices can be closed off as needed. Similarly, they can be turned into a larger meeting space when the doors are slid open.

If you are looking to install glass doors in your office, then you should download the free white paper available here on our website: “Creating the Workplace of the Future.” You will be able to learn more about the steps that can be followed by architects and designers which will transform office space from boring and ineffective to dynamic and beautiful.



Klein USA, Inc. is a global leader in high-quality sliding glass door systems uniquely designed to provide the A&D industry with the most innovative solutions, enhancing both space and light sharing. Use of Klein’s frameless top-hung glass doors imparts a clean, modern look to any commercial application. Please go to our Contact us page if you have questions about any of our products.

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