Creating Greener Projects with Sliding Door Hardware

Greener Project

Here at KLEIN, we are committed to leaving the world in a better place than how we found it. If we can help designers and architects build more thoughtful spaces, by using sliding door hardware that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, we are doing our part in achieving this mission.

Eco-friendly (green) building materials are those that are made from sustainable resources and have a low environmental impact. For us, this typically includes wood and aluminum for its durability, low carbon footprint, and recyclability. 


Importance of Green Building Materials in Hardware Manufacturing

There are many reasons why using environmentally friendly building materials to produce hardware is considered important. Some of the most common reasons include:

  1. To reduce the overall environmental impact of a building or development project.  
  2. To improve the energy efficiency of a building or development project.
  3. And to improve the lasting-durability of the project by inducing longer lifespans of materials.

As an architect or designer working on a project, you can show your commitment to building better spaces by specifying products from companies who share in the same vision. It’s not always about finding green products that are obvious to the naked eye, but also integrating sustainable opportunities that are hidden in plain sight such as in the sliding door hardware.


Methods Design Firms can use to Prompt the Inclusion of Eco-Friendly Building Materials

A few general tips that may help include:

  1. Educating yourself and your team about the benefits of green building materials and products.
  2. Supporting businesses and organizations that market themselves as green building materials and product suppliers.
  3. Looking out for companies who have gone through the process of becoming certifiably green through recognitions, such as Cradle-to-Cradle


Product Development for Greener Sliding Door Hardware

The process of creating new or improved sliding door systems that are more environmentally friendly than traditional materials or products takes a lot of time and research. This often includes developing new manufacturing processes, using recycled or renewable resources, or finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of existing materials or products.

Methods We Use to Improve Green Building Materials

Investing in research and development of our sliding door hardware, collaborating with other organizations or experts in the field, and implementing new sustainable materials to first test on a small market before rolling out new options to everyone are all three methods we use to improve our products to become more sustainable.

All steps taken are to limit issues that may cause a bottle-neck in manufacturing, while also testing to make sure the new products meet our quality standards of sliding door hardware.


Product Market Development for Sustainable Materials

The sustainable building materials and products market is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. The market is driven by the increasing awareness of environmental issues, the need for energy efficiency, and the desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Incentives for Adding Sustainable Materials to your Project

There are already incentives in place that encourage architects and designers to use greener materials which are outside of the moral element. For example, LEED can save you thousands of dollars on a project. 

Additionally, AIA and IDCEC credits are usually required to continue your design practice. They also are a great way to further your education on the product market and the options available to you.

Visit our architectural support center to learn more about our eco-friendly sliding door hardware systems and how using these can benefit your clients and you as a professional. 


We are practicing what we preach

When it comes to throwing a sustainable tag on a product in this building market, you may find there is a lot of “green-washing” going on. It has been a top-priority of ours to ensure we are building sliding door hardware that exceeds our century-long quality standards while ensuring we are certifiably green. 

Just this year, three of our sliding door hardware systems have been Cradle-to-Cradle certified through the use of various sustainable materials. We are so proud of these achievements as it moves us closer to influencing the world with healthier spaces.


Oak Wood Sliding Door Hardware Sourced Sustainably

NATURE is our all-wood sliding door system that is sourced from reputable suppliers. Learn more about the nature wooden frame hardware system


Using Anondized Aluminum to Increase Recyclability

Looking for a strong sliding door system that is also using materials with the earth in mind? Both our LITE+ and Unikglass have been recognized for recyclability opportunities. 

Both are made from quality materials, with sustainability in mind. 


Assistance Whenever You Need

In order to be a truly responsible designer, we know it means being efficient with your entire job. That means more than sourcing earth-friendly materials for your next project. 

Our customer service is devoted to helping you through the entirety of the process. Whether you are specifying our sliding door hardware into a project. Or interested in discover more about our systems, we have an entire team on standby to help.

Contact us today.

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