Klein: Artisan Meets Expert in Sliding Door Systems

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While we are known for our expertise in designing hi-tech, architectural interior systems, our history as artisans is less known. The dedication to the art of our profession goes back to 1931 when our family business began.

We started our journey towards professional excellence in Barcelona, Spain. Our family of artisans, specializing in high-quality metallurgy, committed early to providing quality products while giving attention to both functionality and aesthetics has always been at the heart of everything Klein has created in the years since.

Our family began its business with a small workshop in Spain adhering to a set of guiding values:

By adhering to these values, the business grew. We eventually set up our headquarters in New Jersey, where we built a foundation and carved out a unique path that has set us apart from our competition and resulted in global success.

But if the people who came after our founders had shifted away from our artisan roots, we wouldn’t be able to provide such innovative interior sliding door hardware applications.

The early days of Klein artisans

If one looks at the history of metallurgy, he or she would find that humans have been utilizing various metals for both artistic and utilitarian purposes for a long time. While the Bronze Age is considered the time when metallurgy became prevalent, historians actually believe humans were working with various metals before then.

After migrating from Austria, the Klein family of artisans set up a workshop in Barcelona and started handcrafting sliding curtains systems in an artisan, traditional process. Over time, the family had success selling their metallurgy products both within Spain and abroad – and the production center had to be moved out of the city where it is currently located to increase production capacity and prepare for future expansion.

Today’s artisans at Klein

Over 85+ years, what started as a small family business with its headquarters in Barcelona has become an international company. The company has always been managed by the founder’s family and continues to recruit the talent of experts in multiple disciplines – including artistic ones. Our team of dedicated employees brings together extensive knowledge to design and produces sliding systems for interior doors, which continue to stand out for both their advanced technology and their aesthetics.

Since beginning our family business, we’ve expanded our presence to include more than 55 countries around the globe, thanks to our distribution network. With branches in the US, France and Germany, we’ve been able to sell more than 5 million rollers.

One aspect of our team’s demand for excellence is that all of our systems are produced using only aluminum of European origin. After testing each one in excess of 100,000 cycles in accordance with the European standard EN 1527, we offer a five-year guarantee, which is unmatched in the marketplace.

We believe in the importance of constant investment in innovation. And while the R+D department is the center of the design process, at Klein we continue to be guided by artisanal values. The fact that Klein has become a world leader in sliding glass door systems is the result of the company’s artisanal vocation. We know that our pursuit of excellence requires the mastery of the profession. So we do what any good artisan does and continually improve our craft.

All of Klein’s 3D modeling, production and post-production testing occur in the factory in Barcelona, along with all assembly. These functions remain very close to the design area…so that we never stray too far from our artisan commitment when seeking technology improvements. The two will always be intertwined.

At the end of the day, we take pride in a job well done with full importance given to the hidden details, the ones that make the difference. Since no two architects or installers are alike – and they have multiple and complex expectations – this requires close collaboration and full confidence, from the design phase of each project.

Our philosophy has evolved from designing barn doors systems to creating architectural elements, which provide ambient spaces for work, leisure and home environments. No matter the project, we will always be artisans – and are proud to share our passion with you.

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