ADA Compliance for Klein Products

ADA Compliance

Let Us Worry About ADA Compliance – All You Need to do is Design

Architects, designers and contractors love our glass sliding doors. Why? All of our products meet or exceed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, meaning all you have to focus on is the design.

We blend design and technology to innovatively organize spaces and make it easier for users to circulate. Our frameless sliding doors address every area of ADA compliance, from a clear path of travel to accessible operating hardware. Our glass sliding door systems offer your team the best of both worlds: beauty and function.

Our Products Meet or Exceed ADA Standards

People with reduced mobility need to be able to adapt and enhance spaces so that they can move around freely, but this shouldn’t come at the price of comfort or design. Our glass sliding door systems offer a number of features valued by users with reduced mobility.

At Klein USA, we are very sensitive to the needs of disabled people, as well as the businesses needing to accommodate them. Looking at our products, unlike hinged doors, sliding doors do not require any extra space for the door to open. This technology offers a huge advantage in terms of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.
    •  Our frameless glass doors offer doorways with no lower track and a clear opening of 32 inches minimum.  In addition to the aesthetic value and clean design, the lack of obstacles in the clear opening doorway is a fundamental advantage.
    • The user is not required to move more than 1% of the actual weight of the door with a max. of 5 lbs. Regardless of the number of panels being deployed in motion, one simple motion touch is enough to easily open or close them without making any noise at all.  Moreover, Extendo and Rollglass+ are excellent examples with ball bearing systems that allow for smooth, effortless movement. The high-quality ball bearings in all our systems greatly reduce the forces needed to operate.
    • In addition, we offer a self-closing option feature, which aids in facilitating ADA compliance. The Our Unikself model, for example, silently closes on its own, without the need for an electrical connection.
    • All of our glass sliding doors offer an “open door” position. As such, doors can remain open thanks to the brake retainer systems included in the upper track rail.
    • Some of our systems allow users to synchronously or telescopically open two to four panels. That create a clear opening measuring up to 16 feet wide. Therefore, the width of the doorway depends solely on the user’s needs and wants in terms of design and convenience. For example, SLID sliding doors create clearance without sacrificing minimalist design.
    • Klein’s glass sliding doors accept all types of ADA accessible hardware, including full-height ladder pulls. See our glass sliding doors in action: Rolmatic/SLID at the AKO Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. Also, Extendo at Gensler’s Newport Beach office and Rollglass at the San Diego Wildlife Refuge. Our goal is to always make the best product possible. So, we ensure this by exceeding all safety testing regulations and we design products with all types of users in mind. Moreover, our systems are tested up to 100.000 cycles as required by European standard EN1527. This testing ensures that they work as beautifully as they look. Our constant innovation combines technology, comfort, and design to create brighter spaces.

Please our Architectural Support Center to learn more about how we can assist you with your design. You can also visit our Contact Us page for additional questions about ADA compliance or Klein USA.

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